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Obama a Change is coming!

Questo quello che mi scirve il mio amico Kahil da New York.Io sono coen the Kahil e con tutta la tua gente e spero che Obama porti il cambiamento che tutti aspettano da tempo. Spero inoltre hce questo cambiamento positivo possa portare un’andata di positivit√† e un cambiamento anche qui in Eu.La gente in Usa come in Eu ha bisogno di credere in qualcosa o in qualcuno.Wishing Well…Di seguito Kahil“Just an update from the States.Aug 28, 2008: mid-day:Obama makes history again tonight. My heart will swell and tears will fall! For many years I would go to Washington, DC and protest against Reagan and Bush as well as attend The Million Man March. I feel how big this is. And I’ve lived to see this. My daughter will bare witness. Our pride as Black people will reach an all time high. None of us, alive or dead, have been here before.God be with him. God be with us!Aug 28, 2008 late evening:Mr. Obama pulled off one of the most spectacular speeches in an amazing setting, with some 80,000 there to cheer him on!This is 45 years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s March On Washington’s “I Have A Dream” speech. This man and his staff have planned this whole Presidential run incredibly well.It’s still hard to believe!There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.Be sure to read my post “To All Hillary Supporters …..”Also, be good to yourself.soul power,KahlilP.S. Be sure to read my post, “To All The Hillary Supporters…….”! It’s good and funny too!Tell me what you think.Mega luv,K. “