We’re An Happy Family

happy_familyWe’re an happy family but we’re not Me, Mom and Daddy…that’s another story!

We’re friends, lovers, single and couples we’re just a family made of people who are not born under the same roof but who love each other more and more.

We don’t live under the same ceiling and in the same house, we just live near one each other.


We don’t need excuses, festival or something to celebrate to meet for a dinner, or to hug one each other or to sleep together on the sofa at Sunday…
We just love to meet, to share life time, laughs, dreams, problems and expectations.happy_family2

We’re The Family, we’re where we must be when we need one each other and it doesn’t matter if we’re happy or sad… we don’t need excuses: love doesn’t needs anything else.

Thank You My Happy Crazy Lovely Family

PN. I really don’t know why I wrote this in English :D.

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